We are a sustainable and developing organization, where a suitable solution for the student's health needs are found in cooperation with parents, school employees and other specialists.
Empathy and cooperation

We understand students and are interested in their concerns – it’s an indicator of the quality of our professional work. The school nurse works in cooperation with the parent, school staff, family doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

Openness and honesty

For us, openness means transparency, mutual understanding and trust in all professional activities and relationships. Open and honest communication builds trust in students and trustworthiness is a guarantee of openness.

Trust and responsibility

Trust means competent, innovative and motivated school nurses whose work satisfies both, school and home. We are responsible for the availability of the service as well as the mental, physical and social safety of our patients.


The highest governing body of the Tallinn School Health Foundation is the six-member council whose chairman is Merike Martinson who is a member of the Tallinn City Council, a member of the council of Tallinn Children's Hospital and also a pediatrician.

In order to achieve better cooperation between education and the health care sector, the council consists of deputy mayors of the respective field: Rector of Tallinn Health Care College Ülle Ernits, Chief Specialist and Pediatrician of the Social and Health Care Board Ene Tomberg and long-time President of the Estonian Nurses' Union Ilve-Teisi Remmel.

The foundation is managed by a board appointed by the supervisory board, whose members are Kädi Lepp, Valentina Hazinskaja and Angela Eensalu-Lind.

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In our work, we take important national regulations into account